BEYOND landscape

Photographic exhibition “Wine: Beyond Landscape”

Curated by: Martina della Valle e Luca Panaro

Photographs by: Lisa Dollhopf, Stefanie Dollhopf, Jorge Garrido, Lara Sapper, Marina Villanueva

Preview October, October 19-31, 2020, Italian Embassy in Berlin - Germany
Hiroshimastr. 1 - 10785 Berlin
Guided tours

October 17-19, 2021
Vinitaly Special Edition
VeronaFiere, Verona


Backstage video

The theme selected for the second exhibit is “landscape” as a source of knowledge and as a silent, noble witness to the production of wine. The choices made by each of the artists and the imprinting they have received at the F/16 Schule für Fotografie in Berlin have led each to offer an original interpretation of the chosen theme as they pursued a desire to move “beyond” traditional iconography.

In her series “Im Herbst” (“In Autumn”), Lisa Dollhopf explores the landscape through a series of “photograms,” in other words, images produced in a camera obscura (without the use of a conventionalcamera). She used paper silhouettes of floral shapes positioned on photosensitive material to create them.

Stefanie Dollhopf’s photomontage, entitled “Fragments of a Story,” offers imagined landscapes obtained by capturing fragments of the harvest in the frame. These photographs represent impressions and notes from a story that she gathered during her stay among the vines.

In “Deseo” (“Desire”), Jorge Garrido explores the relationship between pleasure and wine in a series of photographs in which the surfaces of wine and the landscape of the body converse. The use of close-up shots allows the artist to isolate and capture detail.

In Lara Sapper’s series of images entitled “Monochromatic - A Flash of Color,” colored filters combined with the use of artificial light show the landscape of wine in a different and unnatural light, thus transforming it into an abstract subject.

In “Vintage Science,” Marina Villanueva instead underlines the important role of the microbiome in determining the quality of wine. In her photographs, a special lens allows the artist to observe the precious natural microorganisms up close.

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