Zenato Academy - The Others

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Torino Contemporary Art Week


 at the contemporary art fair THE OTHERS

Young photographer Carola Allemandi's work awarded


The Zenato Academy Prize for contemporary photography was presented to young Turin-based photographer Carola Allemandi with the work "Notturno 009" from the series "Notturni," from the DR Fake Cabinet Gallery, as part of the rich schedule of The Others, the emerging art fair being held in Turin from Nov. 4-7, 2021, during Torino Contemporary Art Week.

"It gives us great pleasure to be able to award the Zenato Academy Prize on the occasion of The Others, the Italian fair dedicated to national and international emerging artists, created to enhance new creative energies," says Nadia Zenato, an entrepreneur from Veneto, owner of the Zenato winery, a production company that has become a reference in Italy and in 60 foreign countries for its ability to interpret, through the excellence of its wines, the soul of its territory of origin.

"The Others aims to interpret the contemporary with the language of art, with a scouting operation among young Italian and international emerging artists. With Zenato Academy, aware of the elective affinity between the 'tale of wine' and the language of art, we aim to promote reflection on the themes and values that animate the world of wine through photographic research, supporting and stimulating young artists in their experimentation and exploration of what is beyond the known. From this premise was born the Zenato Academy Prize for contemporary photography among the works at the fair," continues Nadia Zenato, "which will become part of our collection.

The Purchase Award was selected by a jury composed of The Others artistic director Lorenzo Bruni, art critic Luca Panaro and entrepreneur Nadia Zenato.

"The choice fell on the work of Allemandi, a young artist from Turin," explains Luca Panaro, "for having demonstrated in the 'Notturni' series a high level of visual experimentation, while maintaining a strong formal rigor and composure. Characteristics that are part of the Zenato Academy's choices under the banner of the enhancement of young artists and visual research in photography."


The selected work is part of the series "Notturni" by Carola Allemandi, photographs in which darkness is total, interrupted only by some architecture and luminous elements. The work gives us back a spectacle of solitude in which in the night some simple visual elements, such as street lamps or street lighting instruments, seem to offer the observer a way out of the darkness, suggesting a possibility of going beyond the night.