Zenato Academy prize for contemporary photography awarded to Daniela Droz during "The Others"

Saturday, 02 November 2019

Nadia Zenato presented the Zenato Academy Award for contemporary photography during The Others, an art fair dedicated to scouting new talents, that took place during the week of contemporary art in Turin from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November 2019.


The jury, made up of the artistic director of The Others Lorenzo Bruni, the art critic Luca Panaro and the entrepreneur Nadia Zenato, awarded the prize to Daniela Droz of the Daniele Agostini Gallery in Lugano.


"Daniela Droz's work - explains Nadia Zenato - recalls the the abstract art of the 1920s /1930s, but with the accent on the more ethereal elements and a playful use of refractions, transparent layers and delicate shadows. Daniela is not only concerned about the composition, but she also pays attention to the details by working in an artisanal and careful way, much like how we operate in the winery".


Aware of the elective affinity between the 'story of wine' and the artistic language, Zenato Academy promotes reflections on these themes and values ​​that animate the world of wine through photographic research.


We are honoured to have been invited to participate in The Others - declares Nadia Zenato -. The Others was born as an ambitious project of a common space that creates new premises for cultural approaches. Together with Zenato Academy we want to support young artists and promote a permanent laboratory of study and experimentation that can explore beyond what we already know ".


At The Others, the Zenato Academy has exhibited a selection of artworks from the photographic exhibition “Wine. Beyond Objects", curated by the Master of Photography of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.