Zenato Academy acquires the photographic artwork "My Window" by the Argentinian artist Jimena Croceri

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Photography and performance, man and nature find each other in a dialogue through the artistic production of the Argentinian photographer Jimena Croceri, who presented her first solo exhibition at the A'nica Art Gallery by Giorgia Panseca in Milan, Italy, which took place from the 29th of January to the 28th of February 2020.


Zenato Academy, whose interest in contemporary photography is aimed at exploring the image experimentation, with the focus on the most recent artistic productions, acquired Croceri’s artwork titled "My Window" (2019) for its collection.


"Jimena Croceri's photographic image is a result of a performative action - explains the critic Luca Panaro - or the act of drawing the lines left by the rain on a window. Her work emerges from simple actions, in which the subject creates forms, that the artist's hand has brought to light. In tune with nature, Croceri depicts the rain, that hits the windows, translating the spontaneity of an ephemeral gesture into a static image. Time acts as an important component, allowing for the events to occur, while also limiting the artistic experience by freezing the action through photography”.


Croceri does not draw the nature, instead she uses the rain, the river or even an ant as a form of expression; without the drops dripping from the glass, the artist's graphic mark would not exist. The result is a drawing, an imprint that consists of the nature's expression and the one of the artist. “In the same way the wine - says Nadia Zenato - is born from an unbreakable bond between the nature and man. People have to know how to respect the peculiarities of each season and how to interpret them in order to create a wine with its own unique and definitive qualities”.


Jimena Croceri
A’nica Art Gallery
Via Lanino 1, Milano
29th of January – 28th of February 2020
Time 14.30 – 18.30 or by appointment



Jimena Croceri was born in 1981 in Cutral-Có (Argentina), she is a visual artist, who uses a range of media, including photography, performance, video, sculpture, drawing and sound. The artwork acquired by the Zenato Academy is titled "My Window" (2019) and consists of a fine art photographic print, mounted on forex, with the dimentions of 80x120 cm.