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Photographic exhibition “Wine: Beyond Landscape”

Curated by: Luca Panaro

Photographs by: Giacomo Alberico, Cecilia Del Gatto, Alessandra Draghi, Cesare Lopopolo, Anna Vezzosi

Presentation April 3, 2019, Biblioteca Capitolare
piazza Duomo 19, Verona

April 8 - 18, 2019, Salone del Mobile
Bottega Immagine, via Farini 60, Milano

May 24 - 25, 2019, Cantine Aperte
Tenuta S.Cristina, Peschiera del Garda

October 31 - November 3, 2019, The Others
Alessandro Riberi ex Military Hospital, Turin

November 23, 2019 - May, 28 2021, Tenuta S. Cristina
Peschiera del Garda

June 11-27, 2021, Centrale Festival, Rocca Malatestiana
Fano (Italy)

Images don’t document their subjects. They evoke them in shots that seek to go beyond the objects they depict. The land of Lugana and Valpolicella, the vineyards, the wood casks, the glass containers, instruments, and machines: Through the photographic imagination and creative reading of five talented young people, they all become something “beyond” their primary function.

The intimate connection between viticulture and experimentation comes to fruition in artistic form in the photographic exhibition and accompanying catalog, “Wine: Beyond Objects” produced by the master’s program in photography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

The choices made by each of the 5 artists led to the revival of forms that represent abstraction. Giacomo Alberico's photographs entitled "Se nell'attesa" ("If While You Wait"), show the casks stored in Zenato's cellar. They have been photographed so as to reveal their aesthetic component and the physical relationship that exists between these grand, noble vessels. In the series "Méscita" ("Pour"), Cecilia Del Gatto depicts the glass and the different chromatic gradations of wine as they become the main characters of the image. Along the way, she creates a parallelism using the classic colors of Italian artistic tradition.
Alessandra Draghi brings our attention on to a common winemaking object, the wine thief, hence the title of the work, "Ladro" ("Thief"). It's been photographed on set with other natural elements plucked from the terrain.
Cesare Lopopolo's "Le cose sensibili" ("Sensitive Things") are mechanical implements, an imposing presence indicative of the winery landscape.
Finally, there is Anna Vezzosi with her series "Punti di origine" ("Places of Origin"), she takes us back to tradition: the land, the first bottle of Lugana from 1973, and a white circle that shows us the roots of the indigenous grape vine.

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