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Catalog “Vino. Oltre gli oggetti/Wine. Beyond objects”
By: Luca Panaro
Photographs by: Giacomo Alberico, Cecilia Del Gatto, Alessandra Draghi, Cesare Lopopolo, Anna Vezzosi
Size: 23x28cm
Pages: 64
Language: Italian and English
ISBN: 978-88-6448-137-1
Price: € 30.00
Publisher: Biblos Edizioni
Year: 2019

Five students of the Brera Academy, under guidance of the professor and art critic Luca Panaro, have explored the objects that are used in wine production, giving them another meaning and purpose by revaluating them in a new way beyond their original conventional use.

The choices made by each of the 5 artists led to the revival of forms that represent abstraction.