Letter to Giacomo Bersanetti

Monday, 20 July 2020

Dear Giacomo,


Here we are today, continuing the project that you conceived and brought to life with such great passion. You traced its route. And then you devoted yourself to its completion with passion and care. It was part of your never-ending search for the deeper meaning in every minute detail.


To us, you weren’t just a great designer. You were also a cherished friend. The story of our winery is inextricably connected to you. You were an attentive and capable guide in the creation of our winery’s brand.


With the Zenato Academy project, you pushed us to enrich our cultural experiences from the previous decade and transform this “attitude” into an actual laboratory for study and research. You showed us the wondrous affinity between “telling the story of wine” and the language of photography.


Carla, Nadia e Alberto Zenato


20 luglio 2020