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Catalog “Vite. Il mondo del vino in scena / Vite. Spotlight on the worls of wine”
Art Direction: Edoardo De Lille
Photographs by: Marina Arienzale, Martin Bacci, Lorenzo Bertini, Luca Chiapatti, Deborah Cirillo, Serena Gallorini, Carolina Gheri, Vittorio Marrucci, Andrea Montagnani, Giulia Piermartiri, Paola Ressa, Naima Miriam Savioli, Francesca Zagni
Photographs by: Daniele De Luigi, Martino Marangoni
Size: 25x24 cm
Pages: 84
Language: Italian and English
EAN: 9788864480596
Price: € 20.00
Publisher: Biblos Edizioni
Year: 2014

VITE sheds the light on the history of the landscapes of Verona, Valpolicella and Lugana, which are intertwined with many people, who have dedicated their lives to the production of wine, as well as the local territory, objects, nature and the touristic destinations of Garda.

13 students from the Marangoni Photographic School followed a precise work approach, implemented by the photographer Edoardo Delille. This clear and rigorous methodology aims to bring out the glance of a photographer. Not one's ego, the hand, or the point of view, but a single outlook. This is an important methodological challenge that highlights the power of collective labor.