Opening of the Zenato Academy exhibition in Bergamo

Friday, 24 November 2023

The collective photographic exhibition inaugurated in Bergamo

Wine. Beyond: objects, landscape, portrait and photography

of Zenato Academy

open to the public until 1 December 2023


The photographic exhibition inaugurated in Bergamo Città Alta Wine. Beyond: objects, landscape, portrait and photography, a collective with a selection of the works of 20 authors from 4 international photography schools who participated in the Zenato Academy project, born in 2018 as a permanent laboratory of study and experimentation in the cultural field, and in particular in the photographic field.


The exhibition, set up at the Ex University of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Bergamo Città Alta, with free access, is open to the public until 1 December 2023 from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm.


Welcoming the guests was Stefano Raimondi, director of The Blank and curator of the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, who recalled how the bond established with Zenato for several years led to hosting the Zenato Academy exhibition during the Festival of Contemporary Art ArtDate and the partnership on the occasion of the Japanese artist's exhibition.


“Zenato Academy was born in 2018 – says Nadia Zenato – with the aim of becoming an ideal place in which to support young artists and promote a new vision, a free, disenchanted gaze, capable of proposing new images of our reality and paying attention to the issues that they enliven the world of wine. Because Beyond is the key word of our project, but it is also the key word of our vision: seeing, acting, thinking to overcome the limits, for our company, but also for our territory".


“With the aim of supporting contemporary art – continues Nadia Zenato – we also willingly accepted Stefano Raimondi's invitation to support Yayoi Kusama's exhibition. Infinito Presente, one of the most iconic works by the Japanese artist, which from the prestigious collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, has arrived in Bergamo, in the historic Palazzo della Ragione".


Luca Panaro, curator of the exhibition Wine. Beyond: objects, landscape, portrait and photography, he made an excursus on the first 4 years of the Zenato Academy project and explained how the exhibition allows the works of the students of the four schools involved to be seen all together for the first time . “We had foreseen this moment from the beginning as the final act of a project that allowed us to take a journey into the photographic image of the new generations – explains Panaro -. The exhibition allows you to appreciate the different stylistic approaches of the various training institutes but above all the creativity of the students of various nationalities involved. The desire to go beyond traditional photographic representation is evident. There are those who have done it by answering a technological call, riding the potential offered by digital. Those who instead used traditional equipment, interpreted the change within photography as something more subtle. In both cases we notice colors and shapes altered from reality, close-up shots that tend towards abstraction. It's nice to display all this on the occasion of the events dedicated to Bergamo-Brescia 2023 Italian Capitals of Culture.”


The students of the 4 schools involved from year to year, starting from the Academy of "Belle Arti di Brera" in Milan, continuing with F/16 in Berlin, FMAV – Scuola di Alta Formazione di Modena and SVA – School of Visual Arts in New York, each worked on a different macro theme: objects, landscape, portrait, photography, and were invited to interpret the given theme in an original way, in the desire to go "beyond" traditional iconography through power imaginative of photography.


The project Wine. Beyond was structured from time to time in a one-week residency of the 5 students selected by the School of Photography, accompanied by their tutor, at the Zenato reality. The five images produced by each student constituted an exhibition, presented the following April on the occasion of the most important wine event in Italy, Vinitaly, and accompanied by a bilingual Italian/English catalogue.

Artists: Giacomo Alberico, Kasey Baker, Nicola Biagetti, Xuhang Chen, Cecilia Del Gatto, Lisa Dollhopf, Stefanie Dollhopf, Alessandra Draghi, Jorge Garrido, Greta Grasso, Cesare Lopopolo, Zheng Ma, Paolo Munari Mandelli, Orecchie d'Asino, Bartolomeo Rossi , Lara Sapper, Pumipat Usapratumban, Anna Vezzosi, Marina Villanueva, Yu-Shan Sammi Wei.