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"Nell’oasi della Lugana l’anima di Zenato / In the oasis of Lugana the soul of Zenato"
Authors: Bruno Avesani, Cesare Pillon
Photographs by: Francesco Radino
Size: 29x27,2 cm
Pages: 212
Language: Italian and English
ISBN: 978-88-6448-122-7
Price: € 30.00
Publisher: Biblos Edizioni
Year: 2018

In the Oasis of Lugana, the Soul of Zenato is the story of Lugana as told through images. It depicts the world of Catullus and Petrarch, the small Frassino Lake with its magical lights, Peschiera with its ancient city walls opened onto Lake Garda and its golden vineyards as far as the eye can see. It’s a meticulous and compelling account of the events that have happened in Lugana and the people who have lived there since Roman times. Over the course of history, Lugana has been the backdrop for gatherings and conflicts between men and armies, merchants and pilgrims, popes and princes. It’s also the story of a native grape variety, Trebbiano di Lugana. It started out as a table wine enjoyed by farmers. Today, it has made its way to the dinner tables of the world. And it’s an ambassador for the excellence of Italian food and wine across the globe.

In the oasis of Lugana the soul of Zenato” is a project that celebrates Lugana territory, highlighting its historical heritage, its beautiful landscape and its wine culture to which the Zenato Winery is inextricably linked.

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