• Wine. Beyond the portrait

Catalog “Vino. Oltre il ritratto/Wine. Beyond the portrait”
Curated by: Luca Panaro
Photographs by: Nicola Biagetti, Greta Grasso, Paolo Munari Mandelli, Orecchie d’Asino, Bartolomeo Rossi
Size: 23x28cm
Pages: 64
Language: Italian and English
ISBN: 978-88-6448-196-8
Price: € 30.00
Publisher: Biblos Edizioni
Year: 2022

The subject of photographs ceases to require a faithful mirror in portraiture. On the contrary, the subject decides to engage in performative micro-actions for the camera, as we can see in the works of the five artists from FMAV - Scuola di Alta Formazione. In some instances, the artists themselves become the focus of the images. In other cases, the subject is not human but imaginary. In all the photographs in the five projects, the scene documented has been created especially to be translated into an image. No person was photographed during their daily tasks at the winery, even where the Zenato employees were portrayed with their regular tools. Their participation and the settings created tend to elevate them to another level of signification.