• Wine. Beyond photography

Catalog “Vino. Oltre la fotografia/Wine. Beyond photography”
Curated by: Luca Panaro
Tutor: Marco Scozzaro
Photographs by: Kasey Baker, Xuhang Chen, Zheng Ma, Pumipat Usapratumban, Yu - Shan Sammi Wei
Size: 23x28cm
Pages: 64
Language: Italian and English
ISBN: 978-88-6448-214-9
Price: € 30.00
Publisher: Biblos Edizioni
Year: 2023

Photography travels beyond its borders when it stops documenting the world. In other words, when it stops showing things the way they are in our daily reality. Photography moves past its boundaries when it accepts the fact that the outside world and our perception of it are the same thing. They exist on two different planes of communication and they are deeply different from one another.

There are no limits to the functions of the images in this show. But at the same time, the world of wine is never neglected. It remains the start and end point for the project. Kasey Baker focuses on the body. She uses it as a device to investigate the vegetation on the Zenato estate. She does through her performance piece and the use of embroidery created with a crochet needle. Pumipat Usapratumban uses an app that allows him to create 3D images of the casks used to ferment the grapes and the crates used to collect them. Using scans he made during the harvest, he builds digital landscapes. Xuhang Chen maps out a bottle of wine with graphic elements that remind the viewer of those used for three-dimensional modelling software. She contextually dismantles a vine leaf into 30 pieces. Yu Shan Wei works with short-circuit images. She shows a bottle next to tube that is used in wine production. She has photographed them from multiple angles where the object and its image generate a strange sort of mimesis. Zheng Ma has photographed wine glasses on a conveyor built used in the bottling process. As we look at the images, we realize that there is something strange. We start to see the individual pixels in the images in certain parts. We are already "beyond".