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Nadia Zenato, owner of the internationally renowned Zenato winery, presented the Zenato Academy Prize for contemporary photography on the occasion of The Others Art Fair, which was held in conjunction with the city of Turin’s official week devoted to contemporary art, October 31-November 3, 2019 . The gathering featured some of Italy’s most innovative and impressive artworks and offered attendees the opportunity to discover new artists.

The jury included Lorenzo Bruni, artistic director for The Others, art critic Luca Panaro, and entrepreneur Nadia Zenato. The prize was awarded to Daniela Droz from the Daniele Agostini Gallery in Lugano.
“The works of Daniela Droz,” said Nadia Zenato, “evoke in their composition the explorations in abstractism in the 1920s and 1930s. She achieves this by using extremely ethereal elements and playing with refractions of light, photographic transparencies, and the delicate shadows these elements produce. Daniela doesn’t just concentrate her efforts on composition. Her artisanal methods and her attention to detail align seamlessly with our approach to our work.”
The Zenato Academy embraces the affinity between “the storytelling of wine” and the language of art. Through photographic exploration, it encourages the public to consider themes and values that drive the world of wine.

“We were honored to be invited to participate in The Others,” said Nadia Zenato. “The Others was conceived as an ambitious project to create a space where artists could meet and create new approaches to the arts. The Zenato Academy supports young artists and offers them a laboratory for study and experimentation. It is intended to help see ‘beyond,’ to explore that which lies beyond the known world.”

At The Others, the Zenato Academy presented a selection of works from the photography exhibition, “Wine: Beyond Objects,” mounted by the master’s program in photography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.