• Rosa Sentinella

Mostra fotografica Rosa Sentinella

By Rachele Maistrello
Curated by Luca Panaro

April 14-17 2024
VeronaFiere, Verona

From May, 6th
Tenuta S.Cristina, Peschiera del Garda (VR)

Seven of the works for this show are matted analog photos where we find colored cutouts that appear in unexpected contexts surrounded by winery tools.

A shell, a diamond, a series of cardboard cutout cherries that allow the artist to rediscover the wonder of childhood. The project takes its name from one of these images: The “rosa sentinella” (“sentinel rose”).

There are also pages of documents where lists and shapes can be faintly discerned on light paper. Lastly, a video shows hands in action as they mime the action of pruning. We also see a print on a huge piece of fabric with the reproduction of negatives created by the artist.

We can imagine a sort of dance as we contemplate the blow-up and the video. The show ends with a copy of an artist’s book that features more than 40 images including photographs, lists, and illustrations.

Download the interview of the artist (PDF)