Inaugurated at Vinitaly the photo exhibition "Wine. Beyond the Portrait" in collaboration with Modena Visual Arts Foundation

Inaugurated at Vinitaly the photo exhibition "Wine. Beyond the Portrait" in collaboration with Modena Visual Arts Foundation

On Sunday, April 10, the photo exhibition "Wine. Beyond the Portrait," in collaboration with Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, curated by critic Luca Panaro.

"Wine. Beyond the Portrait" is the third act of the Zenato Academy project, a permanent laboratory of study and experimentation in the cultural field and particularly in photography, with which the Zenato winery has decided to invest in and support art and young artists.

"The world of art has always played an important role in our company, almost a natural extension of the way we work, of our passion that leads us to intertwine the work of winemakers with respect for the territory and a natural drive toward beauty," says Nadia Zenato, who together with her brother Alberto and mother Carla runs the family business known for its Lugana and Valpolicella red wines, primarily Amarone. "Today more than ever we feel the need to invest in young people and in that world of culture, hard hit by the crisis, which is an expression of beauty, creativity and ingenuity. And so it is that in 2019, nine years after the publication of the first volume of our publishing series, we decided to support the world of art in a structured way with the creation of the Zenato Academy," Nadia Zenato continues.

The challenge for the authors of FMAV - School of Higher Education was to go beyond the portrait, questioning the classical iconography that is traditionally associated with this genre. 

The portrait is the place of artistic experimentation, through the photographic image it germinates the illusion, the staging of situations that originate in the real world with the ambition to go "beyond," always hovering between reality and fiction.

"The actions that are portrayed do not happen in reality spontaneously, they are planned and constructed at the table by the photographers thanks to the availability and collaboration of Zenato employees," explains curator Luca Panaro. "Sometimes the protagonists of the shots are the authors of the images themselves, in other cases, however, the subject is not human but imaginary; in all the photographs of the five projects, the documented scene was constructed specifically to be translated into images. No person was filmed during daily work tasks in the company; even when Zenato employees are portrayed with their usual work tools, their use and the settings created tend to take them to another level of signification. Each person, tool and place photographed is decontextualized, the relationship between the elements is in fact formulated differently than in reality," Panaro concludes.

"Disseminating artistic experimentation and reflection in new contexts, training the younger generation and bringing new audiences closer to art in order to establish relationships, collaborations, projects and visions are crucial goals in our work," says Claudia Löffelholz, Director FMAV - School of Higher Education. "Goals that coincide with the mission of Zenato Academy. This is why we were happy to accept the invitation to participate in this ambitious project, a valuable opportunity for our students: a creative workshop where artistic training and the corporate world enter into dialogue, creating stimuli and synergies, relationships and exchanges in a virtuous way."

In the first experience students from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts were involved on the theme "Objects," in the second those from the Berlin f/16 school of photography on the theme "Landscape."  

The next stage will be with a U.S. school.

"With the Oltre project we wanted to observe, through the gaze of young photographers, the objects, landscapes and people that populate our everyday life with a different eye. A free, disenchanted look that moves between reality and imagination, capable of proposing unprecedented images of our reality," Nadia Zenato concludes.

Students involved in the project "Wine. Beyond the portrait": Nicola Biagetti, Greta Grasso, Paolo Munari Mandelli, Orecchie d'Asino, Bartolomeo Rossi.

Each project includes a photo exhibition and a bilingual Italian/English catalog edited by Biblos Edizioni.

Starting in May, the exhibition will be set up at the S.Cristina Estate in Peschiera del Garda (VR).

Catalog "Wine. Beyond the portrait."
Edited by: Luca Panaro
Works by: Nicola Biagetti, Greta Grasso, Paolo Munari Mandelli, Donkey Ears, Bartolomeo Rossi
Format: 23x28cm - Pages: 64 - Binding: Paperback with hardcover
Language: Italian and English
ISBN: 978-88-6448-196-8
Cover Price: € 30.00
Publisher: Biblos Editions
Year edition: 2022